Spend some time with nature

Whenever you feel sad about any matter of your life just step out of your home and spend some time with nature; you will surely forget all your pains. As we use to listen from our childhood that mothers always have best solution for all your troubles in the similar manner mother nature have all the amazing things in it that can make us feel alive and happy even at worst situations. It is good to find some time to observe ultimate creations of God; view of rainbow, flying birds at greater height on sky, beautiful Fountains that are truly dynamic, greeneries and many more. There are unlimited things to appreciate about and all of them have potential to make you happy with just a small observation.

If circumstances make you feel alone or you find yourself helpless about all situations around your life; for a moment leave everything behind and spend some time with beautiful sights nature. Visit sea sights, walk on empty roads, and go for tracking or even if you cannot go anywhere just step out of your room to your balcony or terrace and look at the surroundings. Everything happens for a cause in nature; and if you observe these things for a while it will bring natural smile on your face. Chirping birds, deep sounds of water from sea, beauty of rain and happiness behind the first ray of sun in the morning; everything has a meaning and it is derived by our perception only.

Life is all about happiness; whatever we feel, whatever we attract more it brings the same for us. Our aim is not to work for collection of resources rather find some time to feel level of  satisfaction from whatever you have; find some time to say thanks to god for whatever you have because for some others this part is still a dream. Contribute something good towards society; enrich some positive vibrations into surroundings so that everyone around you can feel happy. There are so many beautiful place in world; visit some of them, explore Fountains that are truly dynamic and collect some memorable moments from every event of your life. Enjoy with friends and family members, you never know what will happen next and even there is no need to know that; whatever you will do in present will shape your future and it will naturally create a meaningful past. Just as reported in our last post, we know that traveling to see natural beauty and getting away from work is good for our well being. Another member of the networking grouo is a guy who owns a carpet cleaning service in League City and he told us that when he went on a vacation he was so glad to finally be present and in the moment, rather than being constantly distracted by .

Mother Nature consists of lots of blessings for all living things; we need to values them and utilise them in better manner. Just for a moment if we take example of various herbs that are present in nature; they are enough capable to treat every trouble of human body. Actually God has provided us everything in our surroundings; we simply never give attention to such amazing things as we are always busy in a blind race of success. But the ultimate pleasure lies inside satisfaction and it is derives peace of mind; work for true happiness and your life will automatically be beautiful.

Natural beauty

Natural beauty is such an amazing thing that brings peace and calm to the mind no matter whatever the circumstances may be. If you have seen and felt the beauty of natural things then I think your sojourn on this planet is not worth. There are many reasons that you should see the nature’s beauty and one of them is you can only inspect yourself if your mind is free and unaware of the daily life problems and such environment can be found in the lap of nature only. Then you can be real you, you can explore yourself effectively and can know your passion which may or may not be possible without self exploration.

Fountains are the water sources in which special structures are fitted to splash the water outside through small pumps. In addition, there can also be background music on the rhyme of which the water flow is regulated. One more feature that doubles the beauty of any fountain is light effects which give an alluring look at night. All over the world the fountains are designed in such a pretty manner that you just get surprised to see them. For a moment you just pinch on your skin that is it a reality or a dream? The view of these fountains gives a relaxation to mind. These fountains act as an icing on the cake when they are constructed in beautiful and attractive tourist places and famous buildings.

Let us know some famous dynamic fountains which have an eye opening beauty and overwhelming views. These are:

Dancing Fountains of Bellagio: It is said about these fountains that either you are visiting it first time or the hundredth time, you will be totally overwhelmed by its beauty all the times as it as something prodigious about it. The Sunset Fountain show is at the must watch list of every tourist which is illuminated with 5000 lights at night and shoots water almost 500 feet high. The Amazing Bellagio fountains are “destined to romance your senses”. The fountain at Casino and Hotel is specially choreographed to dance differently on 29 different songs.

The Fountain of Wealth: It is in Singapore. The very interesting fact about it is that it is the largest fountain in the world. The material used for its construction is Bronze and it has five towers in the same line which when rise, form the structure of the fingers and thumb of left hand palm.

The People’s Friendship Fountain: Located in the Exhibition Centre Complex, it has something unique and interesting about it. There are 16 gilded statues of maidens in their national costumes. They stand for different Soviet Union Republics.

The King Fahd’s Fountain: You will be really shocked to know about its height as water is thrown to the height of 1023 feet. It is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and is the highest fountain in the world.

Trevi Fountain: Its architecture is just stunning and unique. It is believed that if you throw a coin onto the fountain you will surely return to Rome.

Next time you go and travel to a far away country, make sure to savor the moment. A guy named Travis that is a member of my local networking group told us about a trip he took to Singapore with one of his employees, who works with him at www.pearlandtreecare.com, and they had an absolutely amazing time. It was a breath of fresh air to get away from the back breaking work of cutting trees all day long.

Get to a sensational spot

One of the most appreciated and beautiful accents of any location are Fountains; they always give charming appearance with every size and design. There are so many impressive and amazing fountains in this world that are admired by all viewers. In our last post, we talked briefly about traveling to and from Peoria, Arizona, which is where Dan is from. You can get to any of the destinations below if you simply hire a limo and take off to a global desitnation of your choice.

Dynamic fountains all over the world:

  1. The Unisphere: This wonderful fountain is located at Queens in New York City; it was designed in 1964-65 to represent the centre piece of New York World’s fair. Its total diameter ranges up to 120 feet; it is constructed with twelve story tall structure and weigh up to 700,000 pounds. Presently it serves as most loved tourist destination at New York; the three rings over construction represents Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin orbits, Astronaut John Glenn orbits and Telstar orbit that is active communication satellite. This fountain actually symbolises global peace while sitting at central location of pool.
  1. King Fahd’s Fountain: It is also known as Jeddah’s fountain and is considered as tallest fountain of water throughout the world. It was constructed in 1980’s and was soon listed on Guinness Book of World records because of its reach up to 1 thousand feet. This fountain operates with sea water that runs at very high speed but it brought lots of challenges to builders regarding abrasion and corrosion. King Fahd’s fountain is popularly known as salt water fountain and it was denoted by King Fahd to Jeddah city. It is able to shoot water at the height of about 1023 feet in air with maximum speed of 233 miles/ hour. On a calm day water of this fountain goes above height of Eiffel Tower.
  1. The Magic Fountain: This fountain is situated at Barcelona; for the very first time it was set to operate on 19th May 1992 during Great Universal Exhibition. It is designed to provide most impressive features with attractive lights where water is organised in form of three beautiful concentric circles. The water pumps shoot in air with Godfather Theme rhythm; it incorporates 3620 water pumps and jets that provide about 2600 litres shooting per second.
  1. The wild Goose Fountain: Wild Goose is largest fountain of Asia that is capable to distribute water over area 16.8 ha. This fountain is illuminated with LED lights that give amazing appearance at night with ultimate music. You can visit this fountain at Xi’an, China; it is situated in front of Big Wild Goose Pagoda backdrop.
  1. The moonlight Rainbow Fountain: It is located at Seoul, South Korea and is recognised as world’s longest fountain; it provides very attractive view with romantic touch to all viewers in the busy city of Seoul. This fountain is designed with 10,000 LED nozzles with dynamic appearance and they are running at both sides of Banpo Bridge that is 1,140 meters long.
  1. The Bellagio Fountains: The most famous Bellagio Fountains can be seen at Nevada, Los Vegas; this set of fountains is situated around a beautiful lake that is about 8 acres in dimensions. These fountains grab attention of all visitors when water goes up with musical background.

From Trevi to Tivoli

A fountain has been a part of architecture since times immemorial. Attractive and eye-catching fountains are an essential for every tourist city. They play a big role in attracting local and foreign tourists. Here is a list of the most Dynamic fountains all over the world.

  1. Trevi Fountain is a stunning piece of architecture in Rome,Italy.It stands 85 feet high and 65 feet wide. Its special feature is the presence of Neptune in the middle with two Tritons the fiery horse on one side symbolizes the rough sea, while the horse with a shell-horn denotes the quiet sea. It is famous for its legend that says- if you throw a coin into the fountain you will surely return to Rome.
  2. The magical fountain of Montjuic was designed by  Carle’s Buigas in 1929 .It is located in Barcelona and  draws  innumerable tourists  every night to watch the magnificent  display of color, light, music and water
  3. Tivoli Fountain – Tivoli is located in Italy in the Lazio region. It symbolizes abundance of the water in Tivoli area .It is a popular tourist destination for day trip from Rome and is renowned for its beautiful gardens.
  4. Las Vegas and the Bellagio Fountains .These fountains are a refreshing addition to the already so famous tourist spots known for gambling. This fountain has been a part of many movies and shows because of its proficient music choreography and boundless beauty. The water gushes up to 460 feet and there are 1,214 jets emitting water at a time. You can get here with just a quick flight if you live in and around Peoria, AZ or other neighboring cities like Phoenix.
  5. The Fountain of Wealth is in Singapore. It is famous for being the largest fountain in the world .The materials used is Bronze and it comprises of five towers that rise like the fingers and thumb of the left hand palm.
  6. The Archibald Fountain is situated in Australia in central Sydney.  It is favorite hot spot of the city drawing  thousands of tourists. It is based on Greek and Roman mythology and comprises of a bronze statue of Apollo.
  7. Jet d’Eau is one of its kinds in Geneva. It is located at the junction where Lake Geneva and the Rhone Rivermeet. The water rises up to a height of 460 feet at 124mph. Its height makes it visible throughout the city.
  8. The People’s Friendship Fountain is located in the Exhibition Centre complex in Moscow. The very interesting feature of this fountain is the 16 gilded statues of maidens in their national costumes. Each of them stands for the various Soviet Union Republics
  9. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a historical building.  Located in the Xian City, the place is famous for a large musical fountain .It has the longest belt with lights which looks dazzling and stunning at night.
  10. The King Fahd’s Fountain is the highest fountain in the world. It throws water up to the height of 1023 ft which is more than than the Eiffel Tower. If your destination is Saudi Arabia do visit Jeddah.
  11. The Dubai Fountain. It is in the Burj Khalifa Lake in central Dubai. It is unique because it is the world’s largest choreographed system and is 275 meter long.The fountain shoots water upto 500 feet into the air with melodious Arabic background music.

Dynamic fountains all over the world

Fountains increase the beauty of a habitation in a major. They not only improves the curb appeal of the place, but also set many rolling eyeballs over them. No matter what your age is, you always feel tempted to stop and give a sight to the colorful fountain which you might be passing by. Most of the homeowners, these days, also leave a space in their homes to install fountains.  Nothing is better than a weekend, spend in your home, cooking in the garden and watching your kids play around the fountain.

Impressed by the charisma and charm of fountains, in this article, we have shared a guide on the beautiful, impressive and bizarre dynamic fountains in the world.

  1. Bellagio Fountains,United States:-World’s one of the beautiful fountain, Bellagio Fountainsstands high in front of the Bellagio Hotel. This impressive fountain features a huge choreographed water performance set to music and light. You can get to witness the amazing  water performance around every 30 minutes in the afternoons and also in the evening. It gives spectacular view and grabs the attention of the passer-bys with is bountiful beauty. A couple going out on a date in a Cherry Hill Limousine would be very lucky to pass by this phenomenal landmark.
  2. Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Spain:-The Magic Fountain of Montjuiccan be found in the regions of Barcelona. Barcelona International Exposition built this beautiful and mesmirising fountain in the 1929. And since then, it performed just light shows. In the 1980s, Authorities decided to enhance its beauty and then themusic was joined with the light show. After completing all the updations, the fountain was restored before the commencement ofthe 1992 Summer Olympics. Amid the exhibitions the fountain is swarmed with a large number of visitors with cameras.
  3. The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Seoul:- Situated in Seoul, South Korea, The Moonlight RainbowFountain is the longest fountain on the planet. It makes an exceptionally amazing show and it likewise adds a sentimental touch to the generally extremely occupied city. The fountain has around 10,000 element LED jets that are running along both sides of the Banpo Bridge which is 1,140 meters in length.
  4. Fountain of Wealth, Singapore:-Another beautiful fountain, which is known by the name of “Fountain of Wealth” is situated in Suntec City of Singapore.It was named the biggest fountain on the planet in 1998. Each night, the fountain is the centerpiece of an extensive laser light show. During the day, the water is turned off and individuals can stroll under the goliath roundabout curve. Some think it is good fortunes to gather the coins that different guests toss into the Fountain of Wealth when it is turned on.
  5. Dubai Fountain:- Situated close to Burj Khalifa, this Fountain astonishes guests on the ground with a great water, music and light which demonstrate a few times every day. Unwind close Burj Khalifa Lake and anticipate the presentation of the world’s biggest moving fountain. The fountain dispatches exactly 22,000 gallons of water into the air, with streams coming to statures of more than 500 feet. The 6,600 WET Superlights and 25 shading projectors transmit around 1.5 million Lumens of light.